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Interpreter & Language Services

Ask for a Court Interpreter

- You must ask for an interpreter if you need one.

Even if you speak English in everyday life, the situations and language in court can be very difficult.  An interpreter can help make sure that you understand and can communicate as well as possible.

Tell the court if you need an interpreter. 

We will provide a certified interpreter in actions where the court is required to do so by law.  In such cases, counsel shall notify the court at least five (5) days prior to the hearing that an interpreter is required.  In all other cases, parties shall notify the court at least ten (10) days prior to the hearing that an interpreter is requested.  The court will make reasonable efforts to provide an interpreter.  If one isn't available, we'll reschedule (continue) your case until one is.  A friend or relative cannot act as an interpreter in court.  

Ask for an Accommodation

If you have business at the court and need accommodations because of a disability, please visit our ADA Page for information about requesting an accommodation.  If you need a sign language interpreter, you may ask for one for any court date you may have.

Make Your Request

Tell the judge at your hearing that you need an interpreter or notify the court ahead of time by filling out form INT-300.

  • Fill out form INT-300

    Download or print Form Int-300

    To fill it out, you'll need to know:

    • Your case number
    • Your case type (Divorce, Child Custody, Traffic)
    • Language you need interpreted
    • The date and time of your hearing
  • Submit your request to the court

    You can bring your form in person or mail it to the court location of your next hearing:

    Superior Court, County of Lake
    Lakeport Branch
    255 N. Forbes Street, 4th Floor
    Lakeport, CA  95453


    Superior Court, County of Lake
    Clearlake Branch
    7000-A S. Center Drive
    Clearlake, CA  95422 

  • Check before your court date

    Call us at least 3 days before your court date to make sure we received your request form and confirm that an interpreter will be available.

    Lakeport Branch - (707) 263-2374

    Clearlake Branch - (707) 994-6598

Complaint Process

To file a complaint about interpreter services, please use the Language Access Complaint Form at the State level on the California Interpreter Complaints web page

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